Historic homes are striking, beautiful, and an asset to neighborhoods and communities. Unfortunately, they are also often cold and drafty in the winter months. To begin with, the typical life span of a furnace is typically about 15 to 20 years, but many older and historic homes have furnaces that are decades older. Older furnaces will likely be incredibly energy inefficient resulting in high energy and maintenance costs since most furnaces installed before the early 1990s are only about 65% efficient, while modern furnaces range from 80% – 97% efficient. An updated furnace can drastically cut heating costs and improve comfort in older homes, but there are a few special considerations you’ll need to take into account.

Maintain Structural Integrity and Optimum Aesthetics

Technology, duct work, infrastructure, and home design have evolved since your home’s original furnace was installed. A new system will likely require making custom changes to your furnace and/or duct work. Aesthetics (low ceilings unable to accompany ductwork, modern looking systems, etc.) are also a major concern of homeowners when they are installing new heating systems in historic homes. You will want to partner with an HVAC company that is familiar with maintaining historic homes’ structural integrity and aesthetics, while also making sure your systems are compatible and work properly.

Abide by Historic Preservation Rules

Some historically significant homes are governed by rules set in place to preserve and maintain your home’s historic character. There may be limitations regarding which alterations you can do if you wish for your home to maintain its historic status. This means you will need approval from all historic preservation committees before you make any alterations—including a furnace!

Trust Cochran Cooling & Heating for All Your Furnace Needs

Partner with the HVAC team that is experienced with the unique challenges posed by historic homes. At Cochran Cooling & Heating, our highly trained staff is knowledgable about all aspects of furnace upgrades and renovations in historic homes. There are several systems available to you. We will lead you through all the different options that would suit your particular home and best fit your family’s needs. Our skilled experts will then complete your project with minimal alterations to the home’s appearance. Call us today to discuss your unique situation and needs. Then rest easy knowing your historic home is in the expert hands of the Cochran Cooling & Heating team of professionals!