Beyond winterizing your HVAC system, you can also perform a few tasks today to ensure your home’s air will be clean and comfortable throughout the fall and winter.

Deep Clean Your Home

Before you close your house up tight for the winter, perform a thorough cleaning. By deep cleaning your home now, you will reduce the amount of dust, dirt, debris, and allergens cycled through your HVAC system during the winter months.

Program Your Thermostat

Make adjustments to your programmableor smart thermostat to allow for the changes in temperature and to match the schedule of when your home is occupied. This can keep your heater from working harder than it needs to and also save you money on your utility bills.

Prepare Your Humidifier

The ideal range for home humidity is somewhere between 30 – 50%. In order to alleviate dry air problems in your home you may use a humidifier during the winter months. It is important to not over compensate and saturate the air with too much moisture since it can negatively impact occupants’ health by leading to a proliferation of pests, mold, bacteria, viruses, and dust mites. High home humidity can also affect your home’s structure and energy consumption.

Check Your Detectors

The winter season is risky for both fires and carbon monoxide, which is why now is a great time to inspect all of your detectors and alarms and replace theirbatteries. This is an important home maintenance step that should be done annually.

Upgrade Your Insulation

Before the deep freeze of winter sets in you’ll want to check all areas of your home that have insulation, are in need of insulation (exposed pipes), or need upgraded insulation (newer materials are much more efficient than olderinsulation).

Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance
Some tasks are best left to the professionals—like the maintenance of your HVAC system. Schedule your professional maintenance appointment with us today and an Cochran Cooling & Heating technician will inspect your system for problems, provide essential cleaning, and ensure your HVAC system can handle the important job of keeping your home comfortable during the upcoming fall and winter months.

Trust Cochran Cooling & Heating with All of your Fall and Winter Air Care Maintenance Needs

Trust Cochran Cooling & Heating when it comes to your home’s comfort, air quality,and safety. In addition to handling all of your home’s heating and cooling needs, we can inspect its humidity, air flow, and ventilation to make sure fresh, outdoor air is being circulated in and indoor pollutants are circulating out. Contact us today to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment or to request a FREE estimate.