The holidays are often the busiest time of year for a home. Lots of cooking, parties, and guests means an increased possibility of fires, plumbing issues, and HVAC malfunctions. To make sure you have a comfortable and safe holiday season Cochran Cooling & Heating has a few helpful tips to keep your HVAC system working at its optimum performance levels.

Adjust or Program your Thermostat

Before a party you’ll want to turn your thermostat down a few degrees. Between the heat from your oven and the buildup of body heat, the temperature in your home is likely to rise a couple degrees on its own. If you are going to be leaving your house to go out of town you’ll want to lower the thermostat a few degrees to conserve energy but still keep the heat on to prevent burst pipes. A programmable thermostat can be set ahead of time so you won’t have to remember to do these adjustments as your guests are arriving or as you are heading out the door.

Change Your Filters

The number one cause of a furnace fire is a dirty furnace filter. Don’t let this happen to you and your home! Replace your heating system’s filters to prevent a fire, reduce strain on your system, and improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Old and clogged venting can lead to a build up of carbon monoxide in your heating vents—which can be fatal! This natural byproduct of gas furnaces is virtually odorless, and colorless which means it is crucial that your carbon monoxide detectors are always properly functioning.

Keep Flammable Objects Away from Heating Systems and Vents

Keep items like blankets, presents, decorations, and wrapping paper away from heating systems and vents to avoid fire hazards.

Consider Alternative Heating Methods

Keeping your blinds open to allow in sunlight and switching your ceiling fan to spin clockwise (which pushes warm air trapped near your ceiling back down into your room) are two great ways to keep your home warm and help your HVAC system to not work as hard.

Schedule an Inspection with Cochran Cooling & Heating

We recommend routine HVAC maintenance before the cold weather season arrives to make sure your heating systems are working properly and efficiently, but if you haven’t scheduled yours yet—now’s the time! Our certified and trained technicians can detect minor issues during a routine inspection before they become major problems. We also offer maintenance plans that ensure your HVAC system is always in its best working condition. From heating to cooling to air quality, contact Cochran Cooling & Heating for all of your air care needs.