Your car needs regular oil changes and your heating system also needs preventative maintenance to ensure optimum operation and peak performance. Trust Cochran Cooling & Heating’s great reputation and constant 5 star reviews. We can provide regular maintenance to help you avoid a system failure as well as keep your energy bill from getting out of control. When it comes to furnace maintenance we always provide our 26 points of service:

  1. Inspect and clean furnace exterior for proper clearances to combustible material.
  2. Test all electrical/safety circuits/controls for proper operation
  3. Inspect, tighten, and lubricate all moving parts.
  4. Check caps and valve seals for proper fit, corrosion, leaks, restriction of gas flow and abnormal noise.
  5. Inspect heat exchanger for soot, cracks, and deterioration.
  6. Measure temperature input and output inside of ducting and adjust if needed.
  7. Inspect entire furnace/boiler for loose or worn parts, rust and corrosion, and abnormal vibrations
  8. Check crankcase heater for proper maintenance
  9. Check high limit control and adjust as needed.
  10. Inspect accessible ducts for energy loss.
  11. Accessible burners will be cleaned and all components checked.
  12. Air filters will be inspected and changed, washed, or replaced if necessary.
  13. Ignition components will be cleaned and checked for proper resistance and function.
  14. Thermostats will be checked and calibrated as required.
  15. Unit wiring will be inspected and loose connections tightened as needed.
  16. Check the blower motor, compressor and condenser fan amps and speed.
  17. Check capacitors for proper power output, leakage, and rust.
  18. Check damper operation
  19. Check evaporator coil for function and cleanliness.
  20. Check temperature splits.
  21. Flush, vacuum, and evaluate drainage in drain line/pan:
  22. Check pilot safety and function by lighting the pilot and checking the thermocouple (electronic ignition)
  23. Inspect and test the combustion motor for proper operation.
  24. Measure gas pressure and adjust if needed.
  25. Make sure that the flue gasses are venting properly.
  26. Perform a carbon monoxide test. Inspect furnace for dangerous carbon monoxide leaks. Check carbon monoxide emission level or pass/fail. Check for dangerous gas or propane leaks. Inspect gas lines and connections at furnace/boiler for leaks

Make It Easy with Our Maintenance Agreements

To ensure optimal performance of your heating and cooling systems, annual HVAC maintenance is strongly recommended. That is why Cochran Cooling & Heating offers Residential Maintenance Agreements which include 2 seasonal maintenance visits per year, automatic inclusion into our VIP Program, priority scheduling on all service calls, a 15% discount on all repairs, and many other benefits. With a Residential Maintenance Agreement, you won’t need to remember to schedule your tune-ups because we’ll call you to remind you and then set up a time that works best for you! Trust Cochran Cooling & Heating with all of your home’s furnace maintenance, repair and replacement needs. For more information on our Residential Maintenance Agreements or to schedule your winter furnace tune-up, give Cochran Cooling & Heating a call today at 678-496-3218.