There is much more to finding an air conditioner repair provider than simply looking in a phone book and dialing the number. Most homeowners would like to make sure that the company they hire can do an excellent job at a good value. We have seven reasons you should consider Atlanta Air for your next repair or replacement job.

1. We’re affordable.
When we come to your home, we will inspect and diagnosis your unit. Once we’ve completed a diagnosis of your particular problem, a technician will provide you with a flat rate quote for the needed repairs. Our flat rate has been formulated based on a regional average that takes into account how long the repair should take and, most importantly, what’s fair.

2. There are no hidden fees.
Our flat rate method is generally much more affordable than any by-the-hour method. An additional benefit of the way we charge is that you know the cost upfront. You don’t ever have to wait for the work to be finished to hear the total cost like you might if you were to hire a company that charges for time and materials.

3. We know every air conditioner brand.
Many companies only provide repair service for certain brands. This is most often because they also sell new units for these brands. We sell air conditioning products but we also educate ourselves on other brands so that when somebody’s AC breaks down, we can help. A repair company that knows the ins and outs of a variety of systems can locate your problem and rectify it quicker than a specialized company.

4. We act fast.
Speaking of quick… we know how important cool air is in the Georgia heat! So we don’t stall when we get a call. Good HVAC contractors keep parts around for recognized AC brand names and models. With high temperatures and high humidity outside, waiting for a part to come in is far from ideal. In most cases we are ready to complete the repair job on the same day that it’s brought to us or shortly after.

5. We’re professional.
We promise to make getting your broken AC fixed as painless as possible. We won’t disrupt your day and we’ll minimize your time without cool air. All Atlanta Air employees are experienced, certified professionals. Don’t leave your home’s comfort in the hands of someone inexperienced!

6. We’re reputable.
You should always check out a company’s reputation as much as you can before committing to their services. Both our repair clients and our replacement clients describe us as fast and thorough whether they’re leaving an online review or giving us feedback in-person.

7. We think ahead.
Before we leave your home, we’ll come up with a maintenance routine to help you keep your air conditioner in top condition. This may include information on when to schedule professional, how often you should change filters, what the most efficient temperatures are for your machine and more.