Cooler weather means you will soon be switching from using your home’s air conditioner to using your home’s heater. That means this is the perfect time to make sure your AC is properly shut down for the season and that your heater is ready to carry you through winter in comfort. By properly caring for your HVAC unit now, you can prevent big problems down the road. Always follow your HVAC manufacturer’s maintenance suggestions and then give your HVAC a little extra love and attention by taking these steps to winterize your system:

Shut Off Outdoor Unit

Before performing any maintenance on your HVAC unit, shut off power to your outside unit. There is usually an on/off switch on the metal lid of the outside unit.

Clean Outdoor Unit

Remove any dead bugs, leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris from the outside and the inside of your outdoor AC unit. A buildup of this debris can make your unit look inviting to raccoons and small animals (they like to build their nests and chew the wiring). Next, carefully use a hose to spray away dirt and dust, paying close attention to not bend or damage any parts. Allow your unit to dry completely before moving to the next step.

Cover Your Unit

Cover your unit with an outdoor unit cover (available at most home improvement stores) or simply use a tarp or piece of plywood held in place with bricks or rocks. This will prevent moisture and debris from entering your unit over the winter. Don’t forget to remove the cover when you turn the air conditioner on again next summer!

Change the Air Filter

Change your HVAC system’s air filter. A clogged filter will force your HVAC system to work harder to push air throughout your home. You should do this every 3-4 months or monthly if you have allergies.

Cover Exposed Pipes

Look for any exposed pipes and cover them with foam pipe covers (available at most home improvement stores). This insulation will help prevent your pipes from freezing and breaking.

Schedule a Tuneup with Cochran Cooling & Heating

Schedule a professional HVAC tuneup to be sure all components of your home’s HVAC system are in good working order and are ready for another cold winter. If your technician finds any problems, you can have them repaired so that your system will continue to work efficiently when you need it most. If you have any questions about the process of winterizing an HVAC unit or you would like to schedule a tuneup contact the professional team at Cochran Cooling & Heating today!